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The REI Experience

The Real Estate Investing Experience was born from the desire for us to start a podcast around Real Estate Investing. The are numerous amounts of podcasts out there, but we have had countless people ask when we were going to start our own. 

We started doing the meetup events in Westbury, NY back in 2016 at bar with just a few people getting together to network and talk, and it quickly formed into a regular gathering at a hotel because we were starting to outgrow the space.

We started to shift into a really great position where our experience in investing was facilitating the ability to answer questions for other people as they were getting started.

Over the years this has expanded into the regular meetups where we have spoken on a wide array of topics and brought in experts in different fields around Real Estate Investing like IRA's, taxes, insurance, etc.

So, we decided to continue to give back and help others along, as we were helped, but to expand it to a broader audience through the use of podcasting, social media, conferences, and so many other online mediums, all while bringing it under one banner and one experience.

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