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Ep 97: Making Huge, Hassle-Free Returns Flipping Land with Jack Bosch

With the right strategy, you can make a fortune flipping land — all without the hassle of dealing with tenants, toilets, or termites. Today, we speak with land-flipping legend Jack Bosch about his top strategies and how you can start making money selling land. Early in our conversation, we explore why buying and selling land can lead to such high returns, especially as you can buy land significantly below market value. As Jack explains, people don’t have the same emotional attachment to land as they do to houses. After discussing what type of deals Jack looks for, we chat about how confidence can influence your business decision-making. We then touch on why cheaper lots are often more difficult to offload than expensive ones, why people don’t retail their land themselves, and how realtors are unsuited to sell land, despite their ability to sell houses. We ask Jake about his flipping method and his answers highlight the best ways to market land, what areas you should avoid, and what payment structures lead to easy sales. Near the end of the episode, we talk about how you can sell land over the internet and what new investors can expect upon entering the market. As Jack points out, flipping land is an investing niche that mainly costs time and not money. Tune in to hear more about how you can make huge hassle-free returns from flipping land.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Jack Bosch, entrepreneur, and experienced land flipper.

  • Jack shares his journey into real estate and how he discovered land-flipping.

  • Tips on how you can find land deals from the ground-floor.

  • Comparing differences between flipping land and houses; people are attached to houses.

  • Why Jack prefers larger deals with smaller returns than smaller deals with larger returns.

  • Understanding how confidence plays into the deals that you pursue.

  • Why more expensive land parcels often sell more quickly than cheaper lots.

  • Hear what people have traded to Jack in lieu of full payment.

  • Why people offload their land without trying to retail it at market value.

  • How realtors are often unskilled at selling land despite being able to sell houses.

  • What Jack does to sell land; “People only care about what they can do with the land.”

  • Exploring payment methods that can make your offerings more affordable.

  • The areas that Jack either avoids or targets when looking for deals.

  • A key benefit of selling land; it can be 100% virtual.

  • Why land sellers don’t represent the market and how land can mean different things to different people.

  • What new land flippers can expect upon entering the market.


“Business is a knowledge and confidence game. If you don’t have the confidence, then it’s difficult to land larger deals.” — @LandProfitGen [0:16:55]

“People who want to buy a $5,000 lot often don’t have the money to do so. But the people who want to buy a $500,000 lot will write you a check for it.” — @LandProfitGen [0:22:33]

“No one cares about land. They care about what they can do with the land — what they can do from the land.” — @LandProfitGen [0:28:58]

“We are not the market — I don’t want to live in the desert but I’m not the market. We sold an ugly desert property and the buyer absolutely loved it.” — @LandProfitGen [0:39:13]

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