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Ep 88: Taking Action to Find Real Estate Opportunities with Mike Morawski

Finding success in real estate requires more than simply buying low and selling high, you need to educate yourself, take action, fight through rejection, and create value to make money, all without burning out. Today’s guest is Mike Morawski, who wants to help real estate professionals live a better quality of life. Mike is a 30 plus year real estate investment veteran, as well as an entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, public speaker, and personal coach. He has controlled over $285,000,000 in real estate transactions and, with a strong personal resilience and a deep desire to help others live an extraordinary life, Mike has coached hundreds of real estate investors to fulfill their dreams. In this episode, Mike shares a bit about his own journey and shares some key advice for fighting through rejections, living a better quality life with less stress, managing your time, and taking action to find real estate opportunities. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mike introduces himself and shares a bit about his passion and how he got into real estate.

  • A cassette tape Mike got from a real estate agent taught him how to go out and help people.

  • Ask enough people for a deal, you’ll get a deal – nothing beats old fashioned prospecting.

  • Newspaper classifieds versus technology – Mike thinks it was easier to generate leads back when he was a real estate agent.

  • Tenacity is where money is made, it’s not in the first call – you have to fight through rejection.

  • Translating calls into funding from investors – Mike explains how he used his huge database.

  • Getting around cold call regulations by going the broker/dealer route, but Mike says it’s tough.

  • The first thing Mike did was put an ad in the paper that said, “Real Estate Investors Wanted.”

  • One piece of advice: Make sure you know the regulations before you get started!

  • What made Mike successful in property management: Commitment, dedication, and desire.

  • Mike believes he has real estate in his blood, and now he loves educating other people.

  • As a coach, Mike wants to help people in real estate live a better quality life with less stress.

  • Mike is an advocate of time blocking for family or self-care time – you need to have undisrupted time in your schedule.

  • Taking action is critically important! You need a strategy and you need to put the work in.

  • Live life without your blinkers on – there are opportunities out there that you aren’t seeing.

  • Mike believes that social media distracts from having real conversations – stop texting and take action!


“We just have to ask enough people for a deal, and you’re going to get a deal. Ask enough people for a listing, ask enough people for a sale, and if you’re a real estate agent today – listen, hats of to social media, and video, and content, and all of that but, listen, nothing beats old fashioned prospecting. Nothing.” — @CoreIntentions [0:11:45]

“I believe that it’s the same thing that will make me successful today, and it is a commitment, dedication, and desire. I love real estate.” — @CoreIntentions [0:31:12]

“People’s quality of life decreases in the real estate space, so what I want to do, as a coach and a trainer, is to help people live a better quality life, a more balanced lifestyle. Time management is a big thing, and I think people systematically don’t know how to live, and then they run into all this chaos or they have a heart attack, and it’s just simply because your life is stressed.” — @CoreIntentions [0:33:51]

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