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Ep 78: Platform as a Service for Real Estate with Kevin Heras from InvestNext

Using new technology to bring available data to real estate investors might just become the name of the game in the near future. Here to talk about how InvestNext is doing exactly that is one of their founders, Kevin Heras! He talks about the platform and the idea of a platform as a service in the real estate space before we dive into the founding of the company, his experience at a number of different companies including Microsoft, and the lessons he has brought into his current work. Kevin unpacks the service that InvestNext offers as well as sharing some plans in the pipeline, to be rolled out soon. We also get to discuss common pain points that they address and why Kevin places so much importance on establishing trust with clients. Kevin addresses possible concerns about a platform such as InvestNext and he does a great job of unpacking how the company can start to integrate the whole array of data points for clients and make their work that much easier. Our conversation also covers tracking leads, InvestNext during the pandemic, and Kevin's ambitions for the future, so make sure to join us for this exciting chat.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kevin's background, his work in real estate, and the company he helped found, InvestNext.

  • The transition from working at Handshake into the real estate world.

  • Early days at InvestNext; deciding on the focus and addressing the needs of building a new platform.

  • Lessons from Handshake that Kevin carried forward into his work at InvestNext.

  • The vision for InvestNext and how they fit into the array of offers out there.

  • The model of a platform as a service and how InvestNext is aiming to fill this coming need.

  • Common pain points that Kevin has encountered and the importance of establishing trust.

  • The exciting feature that InvestNext is currently working on for better convenience and insight.

  • Metrics and data that InvestNext aims to provide their clients within the near future.

  • Considering possible friction against coming on board with the InvestNext platform.

  • Looking to the future with InvestNext; what's on the horizon and making it through the pandemic.

  • Tackling the functionality around lead-generation, tracking, and management.

  • How to get into contact with Kevin and InvestNext!


“The beauty about real estate is that it is a very closely networked space. So our growth initially was very organic.” — Kevin Heras [0:08:43]

“The ideas is that you sign up as you need. So very manageable from a budget perspective.” — Kevin Heras [0:21:00]

“There is a lot of data out there and we are really looking to be that connecting piece.” — Kevin Heras [0:27:13]

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