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Ep 76: House Flipping, Wholesaling, and Virtual Real Estate Investing with Lauren Hardy

Can you close real estate deals on the other side of the country – without leaving your house? The answer is yes, and Lauren Hardy wants you to know-how. Lauren is a full-time virtual real estate investor, house flipper, wholesaler, and coach. She is the mother of two girls and juggles her jobs as a full-time mom and full-time real estate investor and coach that helps others find deals and succeed in the way that she has. In this episode, we talk with Lauren about going virtual, shifting out of her local market in California, and why she believes that partnerships and relationships are key. She shares with us about her transition from a determined, do-it-all-by-yourself type of business owner to learning from her mistakes, sharing the load, and appreciating the value of partnerships after getting the opportunity to become a coach. All of the tips and tricks that Lauren shares in this episode have helped her build her real estate business to the point that it allows her to spend more time with her family, hire out the jobs she hates doing, focus on coaching, and virtually invest in successful markets beyond her own backyard. Don’t miss this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lauren takes a few minutes to introduce herself and what she does as a virtual investor.

  • Lauren’s journey to virtual investing during the last recession, starting with talking to others.

  • Shifting out of her local market, going fully virtual in 2016, and asking sellers for discounts.

  • Some of Lauren’s game-changing tips and tricks, including what she calls JV partnerships.

  • The best way to find a JV partner? Relationships and referrals are key.

  • Lauren’s biggest mistakes going virtual, from giving employees too many responsibilities to letting one employee have access to her database.

  • Learning from her mistakes, enforcing rules, and sharing that knowledge with her students.

  • Scaling her wholesaling business and hiring out the things she hates doing as she grew.

  • Why Lauren believes some people are “the brightest stars burn out the quickest” people.

  • Lauren’s experience of an employee becoming a partner and focusing on coaching now.

  • Current and future ventures for Lauren’s real estate company, TMF Real Estate and how she works with her partner on rentals and wholesaling.

  • What helped Lauren transition from doing it all by herself to appreciating her partnership.


“The game-changer is really partnerships. I call them a JV partnership, joint venture partner. JV partners is where you should start from day one if you want to go virtual. You need to find someone in that territory that has the same goals and values as you.” — Lauren Hardy [0:16:55]

“That’s my priority right now, is getting other people deals and making sure other people are succeeding with my coaching program.” — Lauren Hardy [0:42:55]

“I now really do see the benefits of collaboration and having partners and spreading out the work. Everybody has their roles.” — Lauren Hardy [0:45:38]

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