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Ep 68: “Crack the Code” and Achieve Financial Freedom with Bryce Robertson

Today’s guest is a real estate investing entrepreneur, syndicator, educator, best selling author, world traveler, and adventurer, Bryce Robertson. Bryce, an Australian native, is "Your Real Estate Mate,” with over 20 years of experience in large commercial construction projects, real estate, and business. After traveling to 60 countries and operating businesses in 5 countries across 3 continents, Bryce realized first hand that abundant opportunity exists in the USA. Bryce purchased his first mobile home park in 2015 with a net worth of -$50,000, with unseasoned credit, and a mere $2,000 in the bank. Once Bryce closed that seemingly impossible deal, he knew that anything was possible and continued to grow his knowledge, experience, and wealth to become financially free within 2.5 years through U.S. mobile home park investing. Now that Bryce has “cracked the code” for financial freedom, he wants to help you do the same! In this episode, we discuss the hurdles that Bryce encountered when trying to close his first deal, and how he overcame those hurdles one step at a time. We talk about the importance of drawing from the experience and sharing information with other professionals in your field, and Bryce tells us more about his journey to becoming a professional syndicator in the mobile home park arena. For more on how to “crack the code” and achieve financial freedom through real estate, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Bryce introduces himself and explains how he started his real estate business.

  • The financial and practical hurdles that Bryce encountered when trying to close his first deal.

  • How Bryce learned to syndicate a deal and establish credibility through his first deal.

  • Bryce tells a story about paying a mentor who gave him bad advice.

  • The importance of drawing on the experience of other professionals in your field.

  • Bryce’s process of communicating with others about passive investments and joint ventures.

  • How having the right people in his corner and a deal under his belt helped Bryce forge ahead.

  • The importance of building credibility and showing consistent progress.

  • When the shift to professional syndicator occurred, after Bryce bought his first MHP.

  • Why Bryce was inspired to educate others on achieving financial freedom through real estate.

  • How Bryce’s company handles the management of their various properties in-house.

  • The minimum size for a mobile home park that Bryce would consider, no less than 25 spaces.

  • Why Bryce doesn’t do deals on small parks, including difficulty with financing them.

  • Bryce explains how the increased popularity of mobile home parks has affected his business.


“I knew what I wanted and I took… massive action, laser focus. Once I decided I was doing mobile home parks the universe… threw multifamily deals at me, it threw other opportunities at me, and I had to just say no to all of it.” — Bryce Robertson [0:21:27]

“Most mobile home parks that are listed are listed for twice… what they’re actually really worth if you do a proper evaluation.” — Bryce Robertson [0:33:08]

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