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Ep 63: Breaking Financial Shackles by Making Mistakes with Damion Lupo

Are you afraid of making mistakes? According to Damion Lupo, you can’t achieve financial freedom without at least a little failure. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Damion started his first business at age 11. He has since started 30 businesses and published 5 books, but his road to success is paved with losses. A four-time college dropout, Damion became a multimillionaire by age 25 and then lost his $20 million empire by the time he was 30. Five years later he was back, reinvented, recharged, and on a mission. After all, he has learned, his current mission is to free a million people from financial bondage. He spends his time teaching and lecturing on the art of reinvention and the QRP with his unique teaching style focused on his personal life experiences and the process for developing consciousness and awareness of the truth. In this episode, we discuss failure, overcoming your ego, learning how to take a hit to the face, and focusing on what’s possible instead of what people think of you. We talk about passion and falling in love with the process, changing our mindset, and thinking about the future, as well as preparing ourselves for success. Don’t miss this episode if you want to break the shackles and achieve financial freedom!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Damion introduces himself and his history of disrupting the status quo.

  • How someone who is afraid of failing can accept failure by changing their environment.

  • Damion talks about the danger of avoiding mistakes – wisdom is learned through failure.

  • A personal story about how Damion overcame his ego, found his North Star, and built wealth.

  • Learning how to take a punch to the face and getting back up.

  • Creating an environment that facilitates risk and surrounding yourself with influential people.

  • Damion talks about finding your ‘how’ by focusing on your ‘why’ in order to avoid regret.

  • Thinking about what’s possible instead of focusing on what other people think about you.

  • How Damion untied his self worth from his financial worth

  • Breaking the finical shackles for a million people and how Damion scorecards this mission.

  • Damion explains why passion is unnecessary, and falling in love with the process is better.

  • How you can actually create passion and find solutions by changing your mindset.

  • Thinking 6 months ahead rather than approaching things quarterly – investing in the future.

  • Reinvent and develop yourself to get ready for success – investing in yourself.

  • The importance of experienced mentorship and learning through doing.


“Success is a terrible teacher. Failures are where we learn because the pain, the scar tissue actually sits there and it becomes part of the DNA” — @damionlupo [0:04:54]

“We are our own guru… we have the answers, oftentimes we just don’t know the questions or we’re too afraid to trust ourselves” — @damionlupo [0:15:54]

“Helping them see that it’s possible and then giving them tools, I’m watching those shackles get broken because it’s the confidence by doing… We’re breaking the bondage by breaking the habits” — @damionlupo [0:33:40]

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