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Ep 58: The Value of Radio Marketing with Chris Arnold

Practically no one in the real estate industry is taking advantage of radio advertising, even though radio is highly effective at generating leads. This is what Chris Arnold, today’s guest on the show, wants you to know. Chris is a real estate broker for Arnold Elite and founder of the REI Radio coaching program. In this episode, we’ll go into detail about Chris’ company and how he has managed to run it remotely from Tulum, Mexico, long before the pandemic forced companies to work from home. We’ll discuss his method of using radio marketing to generate leads for his properties, and Chris shares with us his expenses and the consistent ROI he expects from his radio ads. We also dive into the metrics for radio advertising versus more tech-savvy marketing like social media, and what radio marketing brings that other forms of advertising don’t, including instant credibility. For more on this low maintenance, high return form of marketing, including some practical information about the drawbacks, make sure not to miss this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Chris introduces himself, his views on working remotely, community, and education.

  • The timeline of Chris’ business, where it started, and how it evolved.

  • The significance and satisfaction Chris finds in coaching.

  • How Chris ended up in Mexico and started a fully remote business.

  • There’s no such thing as ‘best practice’. You have to find out how your own brain is wired.

  • What it’s been like for Chris as he’s seen the rest of the world adopt virtual offices.

  • Chris explains his method of using radio marketing to generate leads for properties.

  • The importance of using every marketing channel available to you.

  • Chris shares his expenses for radio marketing and the consistency of ROI he expects.

  • You need to know the numbers to accurately determine your ROI.

  • Why Chris gets better metrics with more tech-savvy marketing like social media.

  • What radio brings that other forms of marketing don't, like instant credibility.

  • Other industries that have capitalized on the value of radio.

  • Chris explains why radio is much less maintenance than other forms of marketing.

  • Why Chris is sharing his methods and why he believes it won’t become oversaturated.

  • The biggest drawback of using radio advertising according to Chris.


“There’s gotta be something more than transactions. How can I actually add value to people? And that’s where I think we find our significance.” — Chris Arnold [0:06:50]

“There is no right or wrong way. You have to find the way your brain is wired, what’s going to drive creativity, what’s going to drive creativity and joy.” — Chris Arnold [0:13:37]

“[Radio is] set it and forget it. This is the lowest maintenances marketing channel I’ve ever had, because all I got to do is make sure I pay my bill monthly to the radio station, and they manage everything else! All I got to do… is just wait for the phone to ring.” — Chris Arnold [0:37:23]

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