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Ep 55: Focusing on Opportunities Rather Than Obstacles with Kent Clothier

owner of three multi-million dollars a year Internet marketed brands, and a proud husband and father. In this episode, we hear how Kent went from running a highly successful grocery and pharmaceutical wholesale business to losing everything, to finding his passion in real estate. Motivated by his love of family and freedom, Kent creates products that enable people to live their lives the way that they choose, and he has some excellent tips and resources for you throughout this episode. From counting on your competition’s mediocrity, developing the right mindset, and focusing on opportunities rather than obstacles, to surrounding yourself with bigger thinkers, altering your perception of time as a successful person, and integrating yourself with business people at a higher level than you, this episode is packed with great advice from one of the biggest thinkers in the game.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kent introduces himself and his training and real estate company, Real Estate Worldwide.

  • From running a successful grocery wholesale business to losing everything to real estate.

  • How Kent used ‘reverse wholesaling’ methods in real estate and how it saved his career.

  • Having the discipline to put processes in place that allow you to enjoy the effort.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic as an equalizer that will even the playing field.

  • The responsibility to not only survive but thrive in market downturns.

  • Counting on your competition’s mediocrity and picking up where they left off.

  • Important foundations for starting a real estate business.

  • The right mindset, good communication skills, and drive are more important than knowledge.

  • Sports analogies in business.

  • Some resources for those without the correct mindset who are looking to get to the next level.

  • You get what you focus on, whether obstacles or opportunities.

  • Changing your mindset by surrounding yourself with bigger thinkers.

  • Two exercises from Kent to get your mindset in shape.

  • A successful person’s relationship with time should be different than most.

  • How to integrate yourself with someone who is at a higher level than you.


“Freedom comes by having the discipline to put the people, the processes, the leverage systems in place that allow you to actually enjoy the effort” —@KentClothier [0:10:30]

“The one true rule that I can tell you… is that you can count on your competition’s mediocrity” —@KentClothier [0:12:44]

“I’ve learned the secret that if I want to get to the next level, I have to… put myself around people that are playing at a higher level than me” —@KentClothier [0:38:42]

“Successful people have a very different relationship with time than most” —@KentClothier [0:47:34]

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