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Ep 53: Successfully Integrating a VA into Your Business with Bob Lachance, owner of REVA Global LLC

Our guest today is Bob Lachance, an active business owner, real estate investor, and successful pro ice hockey player prior to getting into the business sector. Bob is an entrepreneur by nature and currently owns, operates, and manages many different businesses around the world – including the Virtual Assistant Staffing company, REVA Global LLC, where he trains highly qualified VAs to help real estate investors with their business. In this episode, we talk about the benefits of automation, and how Bob went from hiring a virtual assistant for himself in 2013 to starting his own virtual assistant company in 2016. We also discuss the importance of outlining roles, responsibilities, requirements, results, and step-by-step procedures when hiring a VA and how syndicators and property managers can use VAs to save time and money. Bob also explains some of the common fears people have when hiring a VA and gives listeners some tips for successfully integrating and retaining a VA, whether you’re an individual or a big company. Tune in today to hear some key advice on how to expand your business and outsource services!

Key Points From This Episode:non-income-producing

  • Bob introduces himself and explains how he got into real estate.

  • From hiring a virtual assistant to starting his own VA company.

  • How Bob found a VA and what services they provided him.

  • How the pandemic has forced many people to use the technology they hadn’t used before.

  • Income-producing tasks versus non income-producing tasks.

  • The importance of identifying roles, responsibilities, requirements, and results.

  • Outlining step-by-step procedures is critical when hiring a VA.

  • The importance of profiling people for the position you’re hiring them for.

  • An overview of the steps that REVA Global takes when hiring employees.

  • How syndicators and property managers can use VAs to save time and money.

  • Some of the common fears people have when hiring a VA.

  • How an individual can manage a VA without the resources that a big company has.

  • Project-based VAs versus a part-time or full-time VA.

  • Tips to successfully integrate a VA into your business and retain them.

  • Final advice from Bob when looking to expand your business and outsource services.


“A lot of people don’t see the hard work… people only see the end result.” — @boblachance [0:17:27]

“What I found through the years of screwing up is that we have to make sure that we match the person with the task that they’re doing.” — @boblachance [0:19:38]

“I look at it like an assembly line… Everyone has a different role… if you keep [VAs] in specific roles, they’re extremely successful.” — @boblachance [0:27:41]

“We find that most successful individuals really entrench our VAs into their business.” — @boblachance [0:30:55]

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