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Ep 25: Fixing, Flipping, and Real Estate Development With Charles Weinraub

Our guest on the show today is Charles Weinraub, known as the Handsome Homebuyer aka Captain Permit. He’s one of the biggest fix and flip investors on Long Island, segueing into commercial real estate development while completing a Masters degree in Real Estate Development at NYU. During our conversation, we hear more about who Charles is, his background in real estate, and how he got to where he is today. We also discuss big developments, the positive and negative sides to flipping and developing, and the more out of state stuff. Stay tuned for an interesting conversation with Charles Weinraub!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • 27-year-old Charles and how he got started in real estate.

  • Getting started in flipping houses and finding good deals.

  • Dealing with contractors, the hardest part of real estate.

  • Being comfortable in the uncomfortable and why real estate is not an easy way out.

  • Affordable housing and incentives with taxes.

  • Start by figuring out what you want and seeking out opportunities.

  • Learn and get the education - whether it’s paid or free.

  • Why every deal has got to have its challenges.

  • The criteria for managing the process of analyzing areas.

  • The importance of forced savings.

  • Too many people focused on instant gratification instead of understanding in the long term.

  • Charles’ long term goal being involved in real estate.

  • Transitioning from flipping houses to building and developing.

  • Charles talks about some of the deals he’s involved in.


“Most people think money is the hardest part of real estate, money is the easiest part of real estate, in my opinion, contractors are the hardest part of real estate.” — Charles Weinraub [0:07:45]

“There is opportunity everywhere you turn.” — Charles Weinraub [0:17:24]

“You can’t learn everything without being in it.” — Charles Weinraub [0:22:03]

“I love the process, that for me is the whole rush.” — Charles Weinraub [0:47:44]

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