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Ep 17: How to Create a Client Experience That Sets You Apart with Krista Testani

Today on the show, we welcome Krista Testani of Sharpline Equity and Multifamily Apartment Investing Unveiled. After studying law and working as a “disgruntled” attorney for many years, Krista’s attention was drawn to real estate. Krista began her journey in real estate in 2009 by acquiring single-family homes on Long Island, NY, and rehabilitating them for resale. In 2012, she then transitioned into multifamily acquisitions.

In this episode, Krista shares why she believes that client experience is more important than hitting targets. Creating a streamlined, high-quality, client experience is what truly sets you apart as a syndicator today, and here, Krista highlights the value that setting expectations, transparency, and frequent reporting have for clients and investors. If you are looking to improve your client relations, keep your investors returning, and set your business apart, this episode is a must!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Krista’s background as an attorney and her introduction to the real estate industry.

  • The challenges Krista face when first switching from single to multifamily syndication.

  • The problem with the word “syndication” and how to avoid the negative stigma it’s acquired.

  • Why syndicators need to focus less on hitting targets and more on client experience.

  • The top five things syndicators can do to create a high-quality client experience.

  • The importance of streamlining the onboarding and documentation process for your clients.

  • Discover the value that frequent reporting and transparency has for your investors.

  • Why setting expectations is the most important thing you can communicate to clients.

  • Understanding the syndicator and the process that the syndicator is going to deliver.


“Most people are only focused on hitting their targets and forgetting that the client experience is super important.” — Krista Testani [0:10:33]

“If you’ve established the expectations and you live up to what you’re saying, then there’s nothing to complain about and clients walk away feeling good. No matter the returns.” — Krista Testani [0:37:59]

“Capital preservation is the number one priority. Anything on top of capital preservation is icing on the cake.” — Krista Testani [0:41:58]

“Because of how the market has been in the last five years, you could have been half brain-dead and made money in multifamily.” — Krista Testani [0:44:39]

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