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Ep 155: Accelerated Growth and Hard Work with Ari Rastegar

The growth of the market in Austin, Texas has been steady and strong for many years already, and the projections show no sign of this slowing down any time soon. Here to talk about the area, his business, career path, and much more, is Ari Rastegar, from Rastegar Property Company! We get the inside scoop from Ari on what makes Austin so special, how he has managed to build such a profitable and flourishing company, and of course his thoughts on the future. We get to talk about what the so-called boom has meant for investors in Texas, and how this has influenced the strategies at Rastegar specifically. Ari also talks about the vital role that data plays at his company, and why he considers them to be in the data business just as much as in the real estate business! Our guest generously shares some of his personal journey and philosophy too, getting into the hard work he has put in and why there is no replacement for his kind of commitment. Lastly, we look at some trends around remote work, as well as the larger migrations away from the coasts, with Ari weighing in with some very interesting insight into what the world will look like post-pandemic. For all this and a whole more from an inspiring individual, listen in with us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ari's background, work as an attorney, and first forays into real estate.

  • The current portfolio of land at the company and their avoidance of sitting on investments.

  • Austin's unique characteristics and how this influences supply and demand of real estate.

  • Approaches to present costs for long-term returns on land deals.

  • The continuing boom of Austin and projections for its future growth.

  • Ari's approach to the math, and underwriting in ways that ensure profits.

  • The surprising acceleration that has led to so much appreciation in Austin in recent years.

  • The central role that data plays in the business and the new ways technology is being leveraged at the company.

  • Hard work and continuous input; the factors that have enabled Ari to be so successful.

  • Ari's philosophy to tackling multiple asset classes in his work.

  • The initial approach to risk and capital that Ari took, and growing out of a small office.

  • Societal and migratory shifts we are seeing more clearly through the pandemic era.

  • Thoughts on the remote work trend; adjustments that Ari and his team have made.

  • Recovering from the pandemic; weighing the results of the last year and a half.

  • How to find and connect with Ari and Rastergar online!


“As the city begins to is gentrify, you can pick up these apartment complexes that are very low rents and purchase them as multifamily.” — @arirastegar [0:06:48]

“Austin is going nowhere but up.” — @arirastegar [0:09:58]

“We have a lot artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are as much a data analytics company as we are a real estate company.” — @arirastegar [0:12:09]

“People are looking to hedge against global risk, and at the same time hedge against inflation, and we know hard assets are a great hedge against inflation.” — @arirastegar [0:17:57]

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