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Ep 151: Utilizing Technology to Help Syndicators Raise Capital by Increasing Visibility and Transpar

Today’s guest is on a mission to transform the way investment firms raise and manage capital. Brad St. Onge is Head of Partnerships at InvestNext, a startup investment management platform founded in 2016 and located in Detroit, Michigan. After realizing the countless hours spent on activities that made fundraising, investment management, and investor relations tedious and inefficient, InvestNext developed software that enables investment firms to operate more effectively and provide greater transparency to their investors. Instrumental to this effort has been their close partnerships with commercial real estate syndicators and other investment firms around the globe and, as of today, InvestNext is trusted by tens of thousands of investors, with billions of dollars managed on the platform. In this episode, Brad shares how the InvestNext software works, how they are integrating other technology, and some of the unique ways he has seen the platform used for raising capital during the pandemic as well as how COVID has improved reach, visibility, and virtual communications. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Brad St. Onge, his background, and his role at InvestNext.

  • His description of InvestNext: investment management software helping private equity firms utilize technology to increase transparency to investors.

  • Hear about Brad’s path into capital raising and investor relations.

  • How reach and visibility have expanded as technology improves, especially during COVID.

  • Discover the technology Brad uses to facilitate virtual communication, like Loom or Pragli.

  • Some unique ways he is seeing people use technology to raise capital during the pandemic.

  • The challenges of getting less tech savvy investors onboard, including forgotten login details.

  • Techniques for utilizing the InvestNext software that makes the process pain-free, like making use of the custom form capture function.

  • Brad’s advice for how many different platforms you should be using at once and their current integration plan with Zapier.

  • Whether it’s a worthwhile investment to hire someone to help you manage your platform use.

  • Brad’s predictions for cosponsors and the related challenges regarding ownership of data.

  • Find out how to learn more about the platform and connect with Brad.


“[InvestNext] is an investment management software that helps private equity firms – not just multifamily syndication, but private equity firms – utilize technology to increase transparency to their investors.” — Brad St. Onge [0:07:09]

“[COVID] has helped networking tremendously and helped this industry specifically.” — Brad St. Onge [0:10:58]

“We’re here to help you out. You’re not going to be a master at the technology [at first]. If your investors are having issues that you’re trying to diagnose, that you don’t know about, route them to us.” — Brad St. Onge [0:27:41]

“Our goal is how do we make it compliant, how do we make it efficient?” — Brad St. Onge [0:44:42]

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