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Ep 148: Investing for Financial Independence with Maricela Soberanes

As a first-generation Mexican immigrant in the US, military veteran and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA), Maricela Soberanes started building a rental portfolio in 2005 with the private acquisition of small multifamily. In 2017, she joined forces with her husband, and together they self-manage 35 doors, from small to medium multifamily. They have recently transitioned to large multifamily properties as limited partners and, at the same time, they successfully joint venture other real estate investment projects as hard money lenders. They also founded Up Plex Living, a private equity investing firm and, in 2019, they founded Up Plex Rental, a 100% veteran-owned and operated private equity investing firm. Her goal is to help people to reach financial independence and apply the concepts of lifting others up, which she shares with listeners in today’s episode. Tuning in, you’ll hear some of Maricela’s foundational tips for achieving financial independence, including the importance of constant learning, reminding yourself of your “big why,” and over-communicating with your partner, whether you are married to them or not!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Maricela Soberanes, and her real estate investing journey.

  • What it was like getting started in real estate in 2006 and the value of mentorship.

  • How she grew her portfolio as her life developed by prioritizing practicality.

  • Hear more about Maricela’s personal background, growing up in Mexico.

  • Find out how her and her husband self-manage all 35 doors in their portfolio using trusted subcontractors and digital tools.

  • Learn about their value add renovation project on a distressed fourplex in Temple, Texas.

  • What the project taught Maricela and her husband about working together.

  • Maricela reflects on the dynamics of working with a partner who is also a spouse.

  • Why Maricela advises that you need to constantly remind yourself of your “big why.”

  • She shares her thought process behind transitioning into joint ventures and syndications.

  • How scaling into joint ventures on self-storage has accelerated their learning process.

  • Medical professionals and real estate investing; how Maricela targets the CRNA niche and assists them in building wealth.

  • Maricela’s advice for reaching your target audience and getting in front of investors: keep your name top of their mind.

  • Hear how she is approaching syndication by joining a team with a proven track record.


“Every person is going to be faced with different scenarios. If you find a mentor or find somebody that can overlook your actions, even if you have to pay for it, it’s going to be time-saving and monetary-saving as well.” — Maricela Soberanes [0:07:36]

“We learn along the way. YouTube University has been very helpful!” — Maricela Soberanes [0:17:00]

“Communication is a huge thing in any team, whether you are married to them or not but, in a way, you are financially married [to your partners].” — Maricela Soberanes [0:22:26]

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