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Ep 147: Growing Your Business in Multi-Family Real Estate with Abel Pacheco

On today’s episode of Real Estate Investing Experience, we speak with Abel Pacheco from Texas about his business 5TCRE and the success he’s had with multi-family real estate and investing. Abel shares how he got his start in the tech sector and working in IT and how he made the transition to working in real estate and investing full time. Abel lays out his mission to educate the broader public on the investment opportunities in multi-family real estate for reliable and scalable investments. We talk about expanding one's business and Abel recounts how he transitioned from doing one-off deals to a fund structure. We also speak with Abel about his first deal in syndication, why it was his most difficult capital raise, and why he’s looking forward to the next one despite the challenge. Abel explains how he gave people the confidence to commit to his deal by setting out low expectations with big benefits if things go according to plan, as well as providing them with the opportunity to invest in something of significant scale with considerably less capital than normal. For all this and much more, join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Our hosts discuss diversifying their current business and rising value in the housing market.

  • Meet our guest Abel Pacheco.

  • Why partnering together is a new reliable and scalable way to invest.

  • Keeping in mind how people outside your bubble aren’t necessarily aware of multi-family real estate.

  • How to explain multi-family investing to people unfamiliar with the concept.

  • How and why Abel transitioned to a fund structure after doing one-off deals.

  • Abel describes his first deal in syndication and why it has been his most difficult capital raise.

  • What gave people the confidence to commit to Abel’s deal: low expectations, with big benefits if things go according to plan, and the opportunity to invest in something of its scale with much less capital.

  • Even though Abel’s first capital raise for a fund was very challenging, he’s excited to take on more.

  • The benefits of having a 506C fund and the effort Abel has been putting in to raise awareness of it.

  • The challenge of finding out where your leads are coming from.

  • Some old-school marketing rules that Abel learned working for a company selling knives in college.

  • How Abel’s work in IT familiarized him with tracking impression to conversion rates online and why it requires a lot of capital to do properly.

  • How to determine when it’s time to expand your business.

  • Time management and protecting sacred time with your family.

  • Identifying the aspect that drives the most success for your business.


“Our goal is to help as many new investors as possible learn about what it is we’re doing because it’s a new way to invest. I didn’t know that you could partner together and go take a deal down that provides scalability and reliability.” — @BullPacheco [0:07:07]

“If there’s anything I could project into their minds it was that this is a good conservative opportunity.” — @BullPacheco [0:14:43]

“My money is gonna be invested in all these great beautiful assets that I don’t think I would ever have had the opportunity to buy on my own.” — @BullPacheco [0:18:39]

“At the highest level, it’s time management. If you can discipline yourself on your calendar, that is the only way true freedom is created.” — @BullPacheco [0:35:36]

“The discipline to schedule your time and keep that pretty sacred. Is very helpful with making sure I have time with my wife and children.” — @BullPacheco [0:36:52]

“What drives the most success for you? If you had one thing and only one thing, what do you think is the most important thing that you do every single day, or once a week or whatever that drives the most success for you?” — @BullPacheco [0:39:17]

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