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Ep 145: Return on Impact with Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart

Suzy and Michael are real estate investors who have approached their business in a way that differs from the norm. They have chosen to focus on people rather than focusing on money (while of course still making sure the numbers work!), and Returns on Impacts rather than Returns on Investments. Through their company, Adventurous Real Estate Investors, their goal is to add value to their residents and create thriving communities within their investments. In today’s episode, we discuss the impetus behind Michael and Suzy’s entry into the world of real estate, how changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic benefited them, and some of the deals they have been involved in so far. Michael and Suzy also share their thoughts on the importance of surrounding yourself with team members you can trust, the attributes they feel are vital to successful investing which positively impacts everyone involved, and their exciting and admirable plans for the future. Don’t let fear hold you back; embrace the adventure!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Michael’s time in the military and his timeframe for retiring, and the work Suzy does outside of real estate.

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic drove Suzy and Michael into the world of real estate.

  • The unexpected event that caused Michael and Suzy to alter the plans for their real estate business and fast track their entry into multifamily.

  • A great team, and capital raising; the keys to doing syndication.

  • Different roles that Suzy and Michael hold in their business.

  • Suzy and Michael’s first deal, what they have accomplished since then, and future deals in the pipeline.

  • Three main elements that Michael and Suzy look for when deciding whether to invest in a deal.

  • How investor input influences Suzy and Michael’s decisions.

  • Why Michael and Suzy focus on Return on Impact rather than Return on Investments, and what this means.

  • Ways that Suzy and Michael add value to their investments and contribute to creating thriving communities.

  • How Michael and Suzy dealt with transitioning from single family to multifamily.

  • Don’t run away from fear; you should be doing the things that scare you.

  • The connections Michael formed in the military, who have been so helpful to the business.

  • Advice for finding the right team members, and the importance of establishing trust.

  • Michael and Suzy’s goals for the future, which involve serving as many people as they can.


“There is a huge space where you can invest, really, from anywhere, as long as you have that great team and boots on the ground and someone who knows the area really well.” — Suzy Sevier [0:06:33]

“Something that we’re super big on, a different ROI, is a Return on Impact. We talk about, “What impact is real estate investing having on your life? What are you able to do now that you’re leveraging this”?”— Suzy Sevier [0:13:15]

“Talking about people rather than money is something we’ve found to be very successful.” — Suzy Sevier [0:14:19]

“There’s a lot of investors that come in because they know us, they know what kind of impact we’re trying to make on the communities and how we’re trying to change things for the residents living there.” — Michael Barnhart [0:16:06]

“If it’s not scary, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. You should only be doing the things that terrify you the most. Then you know you’re going in the right direction.” — Michael Barnhart [0:18:56]

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