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Ep 143: Don’t Fear the Unexpected with Julie Holly

Unexpected curveballs are inevitable in all facets of life, and learning how to deal with them is one of the most essential keys to success. We are joined on the show today by Julie Holly; self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, wife, mother, podcast host, ex-school teacher and current real estate investor, who is about to launch an impact investing network. Julie believes that mindset is everything, and she shares with us the concept she has developed which helps her maintain a balance in her jam-packed life and which keeps her on track to reach her goals, no matter how much her path may change along the way. Julie has a turn to put the hosts in the hot seat as we explore ideas around creating an ideal environment for a potential tenant. And we also spend time discussing partnerships, the realization that made Julie change her mindset towards them, and the elements which contribute towards their sustainability. Don’t let failure, ego or fear stop you from trying; you don’t want to be in the “slow lane” forever!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mindset; why this is the focus of Julie’s podcast.

  • Julie’s different career paths and her slow-lane/fast-lane approach to managing everything.

  • The exciting project that Julie is going to be launching soon, and how she decides where to prioritize her time.

  • Why Julie thinks many people don’t set goals, and prudent advice for those people.

  • There will always be unexpected occurrences; it’s important to learn to work with them.

  • Balancing time versus money contingencies.

  • Consider the kind of residents you want to have in your rentals and create an environment which attracts them.

  • Some of the elements that really make a difference to tenants.

  • The value of the act of putting yourself in a potential tenant's shoes.

  • Purpose and profit can exist in harmony, and Julie always aims for this goal.

  • Julie’s realization that led to a change in her mindset about partnering-up.

  • Factors that enabled Julie to make the transition from working alone to working with partners.

  • Honesty, authenticity and self-awareness are key elements in any partnership.

  • Advice for dealing with critical feedback.

  • Why Julie believes in setting end dates.

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, unless you want to stay in the slow lane forever.

  • How Julie makes decisions about when to continue with something and when to stop.

  • The “one degree” concept.


“If your mind is in the gutter, you’re going to have a hard time in life.” — Julie Holly [0:02:57]

“Every action plus step forward unlocks new opportunities.” — Julie Holly [0:12:36]

“I’m going to create this environment that is going to create the right resident, it’s going to attract the right person. I want longevity.” — Julie Holly [0:22:04]

“I realized if I really believe in something and I believe it’s going to serve the world well in some capacity, I have an obligation and a responsibility to bring that to life as swiftly as possible.” — Julie Holly [0:36:00]

“We have to accept that whatever our initial vision is, it is going to morph and shift, grow and change as we get into it further.” — Julie Holly [0:38:48]

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