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Ep 142: American Taxes for Foreign Investors Approach with Kenneth Kastner

There are so many reasons for foreigners to invest in the US real estate market. There are also a number of elements that make the process difficult, that investors may not realize they need to consider before they dive in. On today’s show we are joined by Kenneth Kastner, who has focused his professional career on American taxes for foreign investors. He currently lives and works in Israel, but he deals with clients from all over the world. Our conversation covers the main things that Kenneth makes sure his clients are aware of before investing, some of the strategies that foreign investors can utilize to avoid issues that may arise with tax, how to make sure you don’t end up paying double tax as a foreign investor, impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tax filings in the US, and more! If you are a foreigner who has an interest in investing in the US, Kenneth’s advice will make this process immeasurably easier for you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • John’s new deal that he is very excited about.

  • Kenneth’s professional focus, and the people who he works with.

  • Why the US real estate market is such a popular place for people to invest.

  • The things that Kenneth makes sure his foreign clients are aware of before they invest in US real estate.

  • Where the responsibility lies in terms of withholding tax when a foreigner invests in the US.

  • Strategies foreign investors can utilize to avoid some issues that may arise with tax.

  • Some disadvantages to being a foreign investor in the US.

  • An example of how foreign investors can make sure they don’t pay double tax.

  • Questions that people start to ask when the American president changes.

  • How the investing process could be made easier for foreigners.

  • Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tax filings.

  • A real life example of a client of Kenneth’s who has been negatively affected by the current backlog in US tax filing.

  • Why the changes to the tax laws in the US won’t have as much of an impact on foreign investors as local ones.


“The biggest thing is always to make sure not to pay double tax.” — Kenneth Kastner [0:05:58]

“There’s not a one-size-fits-all for every investor. We look into the different aspects and different needs of each investor.” — Kenneth Kastner [0:09:42]

“Wherever the real estate is, that’s the country that has the first right of taxation.” — Kenneth Kastner [0:16:13]

“I would definitely encourage anybody that’s either a foreign investor, or planning on dealing with foreign investors, to definitely have a conversation with someone who is knowledgeable and get educated to make sure there are no surprises after the fact.” — Kenneth Kastner [0:29:43]

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