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Ep 14: Putting in The Time For Passive Income with Michael Zuber

For today's show, we welcome veteran passive real estate investor and all-round wealth of knowledge on building a property portfolio from the ground up, Michael Zuber! Michael has learned many lessons in his decades in the game and he is here to share them all with us today! His firmly-held belief that investing in property is a long and patient sport comes through strongly and he explains the phases that it is necessary to go through in order to see results. The first of these phases is the longest and he lays out expectations and timeframes for these periods, emphasizing the steadiness and enjoyment that make it possible to see it through.

We discuss capital, contacting investors and why he has steered clear of pooling funds for single investments, opting to rather build up his own funds and work with one person at a time. The conversation also covers who to work with, looking at important decisions investors have made in the past and the personal nature of success. There is a lively debate around geographic purchasing which underlines the same idea; there is no single rule for where you should invest, rather assess your own preferences and decide based on that. For all of this, plus a whole lot more, join us for this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Michael's background and how he got into real estate by reading a book.

  • The first phase of investing and making it past the initial 8 years.

  • Misrepresentation about buying properties with no money down.

  • The central role of capital in making it through troubled waters.

  • A less gung-ho attitude to deals and build a safe reputation over time.

  • Michael's choice to avoid pooling capital and unnecessary growth from the beginning.

  • Staying open to change and finding your definition of success.

  • Going out, getting into the game and making some mistakes to learn.

  • How Michael broke the rules by investing outside of his neighborhood.

  • Michael's experiences through the period of 2007 and the crash.

  • Hard-money lending and avoiding dangerous positioning for downturns.

  • Property-operation before, during and after the crash.


“You can't get too cocky because the market will kick you in the nuts.” — @ZuberGoToMarket [0:04:25]

“You can't short cut this, this is not get rich quick.” — @ZuberGoToMarket [0:07:25]

“I don't like selling people a vision that is not practical.” — @ZuberGoToMarket [0:14:26]

“I vet an operator on what deals they don't do.” — @ZuberGoToMarket [0:28:20]

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