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Ep 136: From Engineer to Rent-to-Own Real Estate Specialist with Adam Zach

Many people struggle to buy their first home because they cannot qualify for a bank loan, but today’s guest raises private capital to buy homes for people so that they can finally become homeowners. Adam Zach is an engineer, real estate specialist, and Cofounder of Set Your Rent, a creative home ownership and real estate investment company specializing in rent-to-own programs. This strategy not only benefits future homeowners but investors too, as investing in a property with qualified rent-to-own buyers ready before closing can save you thousands in lost vacancy revenue and improve your long-term ROI. Tuning in, you’ll hear from Adam as he describes his transition from successful engineer to rent-to-own real estate investing, how he leverages what he calls selfish goals, and his insight into the “three-year overnight success.” He also elaborates on some of the lessons he learned about personal development along the way, from a fixed to a growth mindset, and shares his tips for continuously learning, finding the intersection between your skillset and your role, and adopting a team attitude, and you’ll find out more about the rent-to-own model and what is next for Adam and Set Your Rent. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about Adam, his background, and his journey into real estate.

  • From a high-paying W2 to real estate investing; from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

  • Hear his perspective on ‘selfish goals’ and how he learned to use them to motivate himself.

  • Adam reflects on setting 10-year goals and asks Chris and John to share their philosophies about goal-setting too.

  • The butterfly effect that can result from simply writing down your number one goal.

  • Adam shares insights he has gained into what is known as the three-year overnight success.

  • Making the transition into real estate full-time; accomplishing a 10-year plan in six months.

  • Applying the personal development lessons he learned to his engineering job and how that unexpectedly helped Adam in his real estate side hustle.

  • Tips for taking every opportunity to learn while you’re working 40-hour weeks at your W2.

  • Some of the most valuable lessons Adam learned by taking higher ups to lunch, like presenting solutions, not problems.

  • The importance of understanding your skillset and placing yourself in a role that you enjoy.

  • John’s advice for having the skillset versus role conversation sooner rather than later.

  • Adam, John, and Chris reflect on adopting a teamwork mindset as an entrepreneur.

  • Hear about Adam’s plans for the future, including what he calls Set Your Rent 2.0.

  • Learn more about their current rent-to-own model and how it works.

  • Agency loans versus commercial loans from portfolio lenders for single-family homes.

  • How Set Your Rent acts like a mortgage company and avoids property management.

  • How Adam profits: what he sacrifices in appreciation, he makes up for in cashflow.

  • Find out how the lease option means little to no turnover on a property.


“I know people are either all on the personal development bandwagon or completely off of it, some people are maybe in the middle, but it seems like everyone has their aha moment.” — Adam Zach [0:11:51]

“In real estate, time is your best friend. Yes, you can put in a lot of effort, but time cures a lot of illnesses, especially in the last four years.” — Adam Zach [0:26:32]

“Do you enjoy doing podcasts every day or do you enjoy sitting in front of a computer and underwriting a deal? Because both of them are super valuable, [it’s] just knowing which one fits your skillset better. You’re going to be a lot happier if you spend more time doing that.” — Adam Zach [0:34:56]

“I’m acting like a mortgage company, just at a higher interest rate, but I don’t have to be a landlord. That is really what has allowed us to do this without having to have property management.” — Adam Zach [0:48:40]

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