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Ep 133: What it Takes to Become An Active Investor with Seth Bradley

Making a break in the real estate industry takes ingenuity, commitment, creativity, and a solid grasp of time management. Today we speak with industry expert Seth Bradley about his experiences transitioning from being an attorney to a real estate investor. After hearing about Seth’s humble beginnings, he shares a series of anecdotes about how he got into the law world. Seth goes on to explain how his experiences as a real estate lawyer gave him valuable industry insight. Seth built on his experiences in real estate, as he tells us about his gradual progression through fix-and-flips, buy-and-hold, wholesale, small multifamily, and small passive syndication. Delving deeper, Seth expands on what it took to make this transition. He touches on his own need to escape the vanilla life of a W2 job, how to partner with the right sponsors and why gut feeling is so important. Later in the show, Seth shares tips for people wanting to make the transition themselves. He offers valuable nuggets of advice about gaining experience slowly and the necessity for a committed mindset with an emphasis on managing time efficiently. To find out how Seth balances his own time, and much more, be sure to join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Seth Bradley.

  • Seth shares his personal and professional history with listeners.

  • Hear about Seth’s early experiences in real estate and how he gradually leveled up.

  • How Seth balanced life between being an attorney and getting into the real estate world.

  • Seth describes his transition from single-family into multi-family.

  • Seth expands on his ‘aha’ moment and the changes he wanted to make.

  • We talk to Seth about his journey to become an investor.

  • Learn about Seth’s business strategy and the ways he executes it.

  • What Seth looks for in good partners and operators.

  • Why you shouldn’t feel like sponsors are selling you something.

  • How to keep sponsors in the know, all the time.

  • Some tips Seth has for people wanting to make a switch into real estate.

  • Find out what makes the transition between W2 jobs and active investing so tricky.

  • Why time-use is an entrepreneur’s biggest skill.

  • How Seth balances his own time.


“As soon as I graduated from law school I house-hacked into a duplex in 2013. I lived in one half and rented out the other and that just started my real estate journey.” @sethpaulbradley[0:04:50]

“I did what I had to do. In the beginning, I was a young associate and you’re walking on eggshells, building up a lot of hours, just trying to say and do all the right things.” @sethpaulbradley[0:07:10]

“I had an ‘aha’ moment working as a real estate attorney doing these $100 million plus financings, purchases, and sales. You meet the operators who are closing the deals and they’re just normal guys.” Seth Bradley — @sethpaulbradley [0:09:20]

“I like the idea of doing this anywhere and being mobile — the idea of passive income. And if you’re that active general partner that is operating the facilities, you’ve got to be there all hands on deck. I haven’t quite made that jump yet.” @sethpaulbradley [0:14:07]

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