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Ep 125: From Medicine to Multifamily Syndications with Savannah Arroyo

Today’s guest is Savannah Arroyo, who has taken her skills as a nurse and leader in healthcare operations into managing multifamily syndications. Savannah got started in real estate investing in 2020, when she syndicated her first apartment deal with her husband. Working as a Registered Nurse had taught her how to thrive in a fast-paced, interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, and she was immediately drawn to multifamily syndications due to the many similarities to her career in nursing. In this episode, you’ll hear from Savannah (also known as The Networth Nurse) about her transition from single family to large-scale syndications, how she helps bridge that gap for other medical professionals, and why she believes that seeking mentorship and leveraging the experience of others is crucial. She also elaborates on how she found her niche in the medical community, built her brand around it, and fostered trust with her investors, as well how she overcame imposter syndrome, how she’s thinking creatively during COVID. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear a bit about Savannah’s background and her real estate journey.

  • Why she made the transition from single family to multifamily: less risk, higher rewards.

  • Looking at real estate from the outside in and some of the misconceptions.

  • Bridging the gap between a few single families and larger-scale syndications.

  • The importance of seeking mentorship and leveraging the experience of others.

  • Savannah talks about finding her niche in the medical community and how she built a platform and brand around it.

  • Find out why trust is critical in getting people to invest with you.

  • Different personalities appeal to different people; always stay true to yourself!

  • Savannah’s advice for overcoming imposter syndrome while raising capital.

  • All it takes is consistency, not perfection; Savannah finds this fact encouraging.

  • How Savannah and her husband are planning for the future during COVID.

  • What Savannah believes will be the lasting impacts of the pandemic and how she maintains relationships with investors.

  • How she looks at deals in the short-term during COVID depends on the market.


“Education and leveraging other people’s experience has been huge for us.” — Savannah Arroyo [0:09:53]

“Nurses and medical professionals were here working non-stop in a hospital or clinic study with patients, and we don’t have a lot of time to investigate or learn about these investment strategies out there.” — Savannah Arroyo [0:16:02]

“If you’re genuine and [staying true to] yourself in putting your information out there, you will attract the right people that you want in your deals.” — Savannah Arroyo [0:22:51]

“This [pandemic] is the opportunity where you can be super creative with how you’re taking down those deals.” — Savannah Arroyo [0:38:05]

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