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Ep 12: Building Better Relationships Between Property Owners and Property Managers with Nick Harpst

Our guest on today’s show is Nick Harpster. Nick is one of the Managing Partners at Link Real Estate Group, a property management firm located in Columbus, Ohio. Nick has been in the development and property management business for his entire 15-year career. Nick felt a significant void in his local property market for third-party property operators, and in 2015, stepped out to start his own firm. Today, Link Real Estate Group has sold close to 35,000 properties under management.

In this episode, Nick provides insightful tips on building trust and more transparent relationships between property owners and property managers, what to look for in prospective new clients, as well as what to look for in prospective employees. Nick also shares an interesting perspective on the day-to-day experiences of property managers and what property owners ought to know about the other side of the fence. We also discuss the exciting market in Columbus and the importance of remaining flexible in today’s business, where anything could happen!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • The high demand for good, local, third-party and multi-family management operators today.

  • Transitioning from the owner-operated management space to third-party management space.

  • Doing more business with fewer clients: Nick’s philosophy for business relationships.

  • The most important thing to look for in a prospective new client and why chemistry matters.

  • Building trust between owners and managers and the importance of sharing the game-plan.

  • What property owners need to know about the challenging nature of property management.

  • Why coach-ability and culture are key when it comes to being hired for a management firm.

  • Believe in Columbus: Discover why this local market is attracting more and more attention.

  • The value of turning your business on its head and bringing different solutions into play.


“The fundamentals of management are the same. Whether it’s $2000 per month rents or $500 per month rents.” — Nick Harpster [0:18:29]

“The most important things for property managers to do is be flexible, pivot, and address things as they come up.” — Nick Harpster [0:21:35]

“Our focus is always: How can we do things more efficiently for our clients?” — Nick Harpster


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