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Ep 118: Scaling Your Real Estate Business Through Systems with Anthony Vicino

Anthony Vicino is a serial entrepreneur who has helped build numerous multimillion-dollar companies from the ground up. He has done this by creating efficient systems that scale, utilizing value-based content marketing strategies, and always focusing on providing exceptional end-user experiences. He is also a bestselling author, investor, and small business owner who successfully managed his personal portfolio of multifamily assets before joining forces with his partner, Dan Krueger, to create Invictus Capital in 2019. Together, Anthony and Dan are driven to help people achieve financial security by providing solid multifamily-based investment opportunities in an environment of trust, transparency, and clarity. In 2021, Anthony pulled out of the day-to-day operations in his other businesses to go into real estate full time, drawing on his strengths in operational systems to build a team that succeeds and implementing systems to assure their success. Tune in to hear how Anthony went from working in his business to working on it by defining his company values and recognizing when minor and macro changes were being made to his systems. You’ll also find out about why discipline is a muscle you need to develop and the key areas to focus on when training your team, as well as the best way to maximize shareholder value, do good by your investors and your residents, and build relationships with a transient customer base, so make sure not to miss this episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Anthony introduces himself and shares a bit about is background and what he does.

  • In 2021, Anthony pulled out of day-to-day operations in his other businesses and went into real estate full time.

  • Understanding the systems that need to be in place so his employees succeed at their jobs.

  • The value of creating an operations manual, a culture book, and a user manual.

  • The difference between working on the business versus working in the business.

  • Outsourcing the tasks that you dislike doing is a key step in scaling your business.

  • Anthony’s advice for business owners when defining their company values: Each value has to be consistent, reproducible, and actionable.

  • Hear an example of the company values that Anthony defined in one of his businesses.

  • Why discipline is a muscle that you need to develop when you’re new to a company.

  • The importance of having a training path – with the user manual you’ve created in hand.

  • Your role as a leader is having a team of A players, but you hire B players and train them up.

  • Recognizing when small improvements are being made to systems versus macro changes.

  • From joint ventures to syndication: Why Anthony has chosen to go the syndication route.

  • Ultimately, Anthony has two customers – his residents and his investors – and he strives to have a positive impact on both simultaneously.

  • Anthony explains that the best way to maximize shareholder value is create a great product.

  • Hear Anthony’s philosophy about why the return on karma or goodwill can’t be quantified.

  • While brand is everything, it isn’t built overnight – it’s built on long-term, consistent behaviors.

  • Relationships are key when dealing with housing and a transient customer base.

  • Averages only work in the aggregate, not the specific: You have to narrow it down.

  • While there is always someone willing to pay more for a deal, that is not a good exit strategy.

  • Why it’s always better to come into a deal over-capitalized.


“Real estate is very different. It’s very accessible. Once you understand how these pieces click together, you can build really incredible things.” — Anthony Vicino [0:08:32]

“People don’t fail, systems fail.” — Anthony Vicino [0:13:18]

“Discipline is a muscle. It’s something that you develop over time. When you’re new to a company, you don’t have that muscle yet.” — Anthony Vicino [0:27:09]

“Our long term vision is to build something that can positively impact our residents and positively impact our investors. We’re at this unique crossroads where we have two customers; we have our residents, and we have our investors, and it can be hard serving both simultaneously.” — Anthony Vicino [0:32:59]

“Brand is everything. There is this intangible value associated with it, but you can’t build brand overnight. It’s a long-term play of consistent behaviors.” — Anthony Vicino [0:44:53]

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