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Ep 117: Building Your Real Estate Brand Using Social Media with Shaynon Gramling

Today’s guest is an expert in using social media for his real estate business. Shaynon Gramling specializes in the sale of commercial and residential real estate in New York City and New Jersey. He has gained experience in both real estate sales as well as property management, including at the world-iconic Empire State Building. Understanding that real estate is a relationship-driven business, Shaynon takes a genuine approach, building life-long connections with property owners, sellers, buyers, and renters. Tune in to find out how he combines his extensive market knowledge with innovative technology, using social media as a tool to reach people all over the world and build a large following, thus providing his clients another way to give their properties maximum exposure during the marketing process. In this episode, listeners hear from Shaynon as he explains how social media has helped him build his brand and what he has learned about turning followers into leads. Find out how he finds the time to post on social media while also managing the other aspects his business, how he repurposes video content across platforms, and how he curates content based on the audience. We also learn Shaynon’s opinion about the future of social media and technology in the real estate space and his tips for which tools to use to add value to your business, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear a bit about Shaynon’s background and how he got into real estate.

  • What about commercial real estate attracted Shaynon from property management.

  • How social media has helped with the branding of his business and what Shaynon is learning about turning his following into leads.

  • The benefits of social media for residential versus commercial real estate.

  • What Shaynon’s social media schedule looks like and how he makes time for it by filming what he is doing on a daily basis.

  • Why you shouldn’t worry about quality – you have to start somewhere, so just get started!

  • While you can create content for multiple platforms, don’t spread yourself too thin.

  • Curating content for specific audiences on different platforms versus repurposing content.

  • Chris, John, and Shaynon discuss Clubhouse, a new type of social network based on voice.

  • The impact Shaynon thinks social media and technology will have on real estate in the future.

  • How technology can benefit those in the commercial real estate space too.

  • How listings can be improved and how Shaynon has improved his by using video tours.

  • Learn how Shaynon films apartment tours and uses video effectively.


“Having all those followers doesn’t mean you’re going to get a bunch of leads from them, but it helps with my branding. If you go on there, everything looks good, you have pictures of New York City, you have pictures of me, and you have captions that give some great insights for New York City.” — Shaynon Gramling [0:11:04]

“When you can use one content piece for multiple platforms, I think that is the best. That saves you time and that helps you get in front of more people.” — Shaynon Gramling [0:22:19]

“For residential, I think you’re going to see so many more people using social media as their number one [or number two] lead source. For myself, personally, it’s number one on my list this year.” — Shaynon Gramling [0:36:00]

“Not just using video but using [it] effectively is really important.” — Shaynon Gramling [0:45:47]

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