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Ep 116: The Value of Strong Marketing and Branding with Vitaliy Gnezdilov, The Digital Collective

People are attracted to working with those they can identify with, so as a syndicator the way you tell your story through branding and marketing is of utmost importance. Today we are joined by Vitaliy Gnezdilov, a man who truly understands the leveraging power of marketing, to talk about how he is adding value in this way to the real estate community. Along with his business partner Chris Arias, Vitaliy runs The Digital Collective, a small team of marketers, designers, and business people who provide a cutting-edge digital marketing system designed for syndication firms to attract more high net-worth investors to their projects and funds. Our conversation with Vitaliy is all about how syndicators can get better at branding and marketing themselves. We talk about choosing whether to brand yourself as a company or go the personal brand route, the importance of honing in on a good story that is as authentic as possible, and the idea that any communication or outreach you do should be considered a part of your marketing. Vitaliy also shares some brilliant pointers for building out a spectacular OM that has the best chance of attracting investor capital, highlighting the need for good photography, a detailed Pro-forma, and some evidence of previous successful deals. Tune in for all the insights you need about building your syndication brand today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Vitaliy and how he is helping syndicators attract capital through design and branding.

  • The need for syndicators to have a strong online presence and how Vitaliy can help.

  • Tendencies around syndicators moving into the 506 c model.

  • Choosing to brand yourself as a company versus going the personal brand route.

  • Advice from Vitaliy for new syndicators who hope to brand themselves well.

  • Finding the balance of coming up with a compelling story without telling lies.

  • Iteratively coming up with a better story and appealing to a smaller group.

  • People want to do business with those who they relate to.

  • The value of being authentic when you craft a story around your brand.

  • OM building work Vitaliy does and some tips from him for building great ones.

  • Vitaliy’s belief in the leveraging power of the presentation of a portfolio.

  • Advice from Vitaliy for how Chris should use his 16-unit as part of his branding.

  • Any part of your outreach should be considered part of your marketing.

  • Remembering not to get analysis paralysis: Marketing is important but so is starting.

  • How documentation with an overly polished look can start to look fake and generic.

  • The value of syndicators having a design/marketing person on their team.

  • How to get in touch with Vitaliy and learn more about him online.

  • Capital raising services for entry-level raises offered by Vitaliy at


“Most of everybody now understands the need for having a solid online presence.” — @VitaliyG [0:06:53]

“I think the stronger component would be branding yourself as a company but it’s tougher to get there and you can’t fake it.” — @VitaliyG [0:09:43]

“New syndicators should brand themselves by starting with their story. Why are they in business to begin with? Everything else around the story just becomes a marketing asset.” — @VitaliyG [0:12:14]

“Your presentation of your portfolio is the greatest leverage you can achieve at scale.” — @VitaliyG [0:28:20]

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