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Ep 110: Finding the Shortages and Following the Money with Andrew Cushman

Everyone has a lot to say about the past and future of the real estate markets, and for every prediction or reflection, there is another one that contradicts it. Andrew Cushman from Vantage Point Acquisitions, is kind enough to join us on the podcast today to talk about his belief in the long term stability of real estate investing and how his disruptive approach to property has served him and his business so well over the years. We hear from him about the years following the 2008 recession and the great success he experienced during this time. For Andrew, there are certain dependable elements of real estate that make it very attractive, and he argues that as long as you take note of the right signs, you will most likely come out smiling. We chat about developing a strategy that suits you and your needs in the current environment, what the pandemic means for the next year or two in the real estate world, and why it often seems that investors find themselves in a win-win situation with regards to the market's movements. Andrew fills us in on his thoughts about doing homework on locations and properties, and the indicators he pays most attention to, including median income, population growth, and crime rates. Amid all the clamoring and opinion, Andrew offers an experienced and balanced perspective, one that we know you will find illuminating, so make sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A little bit about Andrew and his journey in real estate thus far.

  • Why the 2008 recession didn't hit Andrew's business as hard as many others.

  • Finding confidence in your own strategy in today's climate.

  • Why real estate investors seem to win, whether the market goes up or down.

  • Long term effects of the pandemic and moves in and out of urban areas.

  • Andrew's endeavor to learn more about added value and ways to increase rent.

  • Checking on median income, population growth, and more.

  • Useful resources for researching important information on different neighborhoods.

  • Andrew's avoidance of high crime areas and the effects this has on loan applications.

  • The steps that Andrew and his business are taking right now.

  • Falling back on the dependability of real estate over the long term.

  • With enough time, most property investments will pay off.


“My wife and I tried to buy a bunch of businesses, just stumbled upon flipping and that worked for us.” — Andrew Cushman [0:02:33]

“We look for places where incomes are already strong and increasing. Those two things alone are probably the biggest things you can do to ensure you are in a market that has a tailwind.” — Andrew Cushman [0:08:22]

“Supposedly 80% of renters will come from within a two mile distance of your property.” — Andrew Cushman [0:25:30]

“We don't look at the radius at all, we really want to know what is this neighborhood or submarket like.” — Andrew Cushman [0:28:57]

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