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Ep 11: The Payoff of Self-Awareness in the Real Estate Business with Dylan Marma

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Our guest on the show today is twenty-five-year-old Dylan Marma, who is the head of acquisitions and investor relations at Rand Partners LLC. At the age of 20, Dylan decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in real estate investing after discovering that college and the trajectory of his life at the time weren’t going to get him to the future he envisioned. He talks about the importance of understanding exactly what you want and the lifestyle you wish to pursue before making major life decisions and how he saw the opportunity that multi-family syndication offered him to realize his dreams.

In this episode, you’ll hear all about his move to California and how he educated himself and sought out mentors who helped him to climb the ranks in an impressively short period. Dylan talks about using in-house capital versus syndicating, the benefits of gaining real experience, having skin in the game, asking for help, and he advises on how to decide whether syndication is right for you. We also share thoughts on the usefulness of hiring a coach, building relationships with investors and the money and resources that will help you to get started in real estate investing.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Dylan got into real estate, his growth mindset and the philosophy that drives him.

  • Recognizing the opportunity in multi-family after researching all the aspects of real estate.

  • Educating himself in the industry, seeking out mentors and finding his first deal.

  • The importance of understanding the difference between non-syndications and syndications.

  • Taking a leap of faith to move to California to refocus and mentally set himself up for success.

  • Dropping out of college after discovering that it wasn’t getting him to the future he envisioned.

  • Unpacking his decision to move to Atlanta to buy real estate and get his “boots in the ground”.

  • Why you need money, time and a local presence to get started in the real estate space.

  • The journey of getting into syndication and the benefits of learning through experience.

  • How your understanding and confidence gets boosted when you begin to see progress.

  • Thoughts on the use of hiring a coach and when you might benefit more from a partnership.

  • Learning to ask for help and making a phone call and how it sets you apart.

  • The big shift from using in-house capital to syndication and how it impacts decision-making.

  • Investing your own money versus syndicating: knowing which is right for you.

  • The true reward of syndication: being able to get someone a return they never expected.

  • Advice for building relationships with investors: being fully transparent to build trust.


“If you’re planning on getting into the syndication world specifically, keeping some kind of a liquid reserve on hand starting out is super important.” — @DylanMarma [0:16:44]

“I think it’s always getting clear and having the self-awareness of what do I want with my life and not just assuming that because you’re listening to a lot of podcasts and see a lot of people doing syndication, that this is your key to financial freedom.” — @DylanMarma [0:39:13]

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