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Ep 109: Finding Leads Through Facebook with Gustavo Muñoz Castro

Many adaptable and fast-moving real estate companies put themselves miles in front of their competitors by using online platforms to generate leads. Today we speak with real estate expert and PowerISA CEO Gus Muñoz Castro about how you can use Facebook to find high-quality leads. We open our conversation with Gus by exploring his journey into real estate and how he built his company. After discussing why Facebook is the dominant online source for leads, and why this is likely to shift in the future, we talk about the importance of deal flow when scaling your business. We then dive into the specifics of how Facebook targeting works and the best practices that get you the best leads for the lowest cost. From networking with marketers to joining mastermind groups, Gus shares what you can do to start learning how to generate online leads. We compare Facebook with YouTube before asking Gus which platforms are better for finding sellers or buyers. While he emphasizes the strengths of Facebook, Gus’s answers reveal the need to be active across the platform spectrum when generating buyer leads, along with the difficulties of finding sellers. In the latter portion of the episode, Gus opens up about his strategies to build efficiency into your process and to train Facebook’s algorithm to hone your ad targeting. These platforms offer an incredible and often cheap way to get leads. Tune in to learn more about the benefits of marketing through Facebook.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear our thoughts on the future and the end of 2020.

  • Gus shares details about his journey into real estate.

  • How Gus built his ISA agency and grew his client base.

  • The importance of sourcing new deals when scaling your business.

  • From Facebook to YouTube, using media platforms to advertise deals.

  • Specifics on how Facebook marketing and targeting works.

  • Top tips on qualifying the leads that you generate through Facebook.

  • Learn about the types of owners that Facebook is best at targeting.

  • How the ISA market has shifted from cold-calling and how to best source your leads.

  • The value of networking with marketing professionals.

  • Insights into Facebook best practices that get you leads.

  • What you can do to get into Facebook lead generation.

  • Differences when creating targeted ads on Facebook versus YouTube.

  • Which online platforms are best at generating buyer or seller leads.

  • Strategies to filter the good leads from the bad and lower your cost per acquisition.

  • Using technology to train Facebook’s algorithm and better your ad targeting.

  • Hear what co-host John would have done differently if he were starting his online marketing journey.

  • Gus shares some final advice on finding success with online marketing.


“The name of the game is deal flow. So you always have to be looking for deals, especially if you want to scale.” — @goosetavo [0:08:39]

“We started by doing cold-calling. That used to be the best option but then the market changed. Now there’s a move towards inbound leads across many platforms.” — @goosetavo [0:14:42]

“Facebook is the best way to get qualified leads into your funnel right now. But those opportunities come and go. It’s always shifting to the next best thing.” — @goosetavo [0:18:34]

“A lot of marketers don’t send you 300 leads. Instead, they send all that traffic to a landing page with a questionnaire. Those people who have the patience to fill it out are quality leads.” — @goosetavo [0:37:15]

“If you want to get big returns and build a pipeline for less money then you have to try Facebook. Everybody and their mom are on there.” — @goosetavo [0:49:28]

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