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Ep 106: Make Your Own Money Rules with Chris Naugle

If your hard-earned cash is sitting in the bank, you’re not wealthy like you think you are, because real wealth is in constant transit. This is according to Chris Naugle, this episode’s special guest. As a money mogul, Chris’s mission is to change the way you think about money, and more importantly, how you use it. Today, Chris talks about his path to riches, sharing anecdotes about his tough upbringing and his early business aspirations as a child. After chatting about how he went from opening a retail store to climbing the ladder on Wall Street, Chris tells us about how the dotcom crash and housing crisis of the naughties rendered him hopeless. Stay tuned, and you’ll hear about his North Star — or how a three-day real estate event gave him a new perspective on money. Later, you’ll hear about how he had to unlearn everything he was taught on Wall Street and why he needed to start using money differently. Chris goes on to share the secrets of the wealthy, touching on the necessity to keep your money moving, and why you should be your own bank. As he explains, the root of his success lay in investing his money in whole life insurance. He tells us about the pros and cons of using this form of privatized banking with real-world case studies and reminds us to always use his CPC model — clues, patterns, choices. To get a grip on your money, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Chris Naugle.

  • Chris tells us about his early business days as a teenager and pro snowboarder.

  • How Chris’s mom put their home on the line so he could chase his dream.

  • How the dotcom crash of the early noughties launched Chris’ career.

  • Chris tells us about his stint in real estate between 2009 and 2014.

  • How Chris’ dream came tumbling down again.

  • How a real estate event changed Chris' idea of money and how to use it.

  • Chris’ ‘aha’ moment that showed him the agency money can give you if you use it right.

  • How privatized banking through whole life insurance revolutionized the way he uses his money.

  • Why compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

  • Chris tells us how the average person can build wealth.

  • How you can make your credit cards work for you, using a technique called velocity.

  • Why “buy low sell high” is still the best money philosophy you could have.

  • Wealth is determined by cash flow, not necessarily how much money is sitting in your bank.

  • Chris tells us about the things you need to be aware of when using Whole Life Policy.


“I was just a normal guy who grew up in Buffalo, New York in a lower-middle-class family. I didn’t have any money but I had dreams. Mom always taught me to dream huge.” — Chris Naugle [0:02:03]

“I’ll never forget the day I nearly lost my house. My girlfriend had just moved in and I came home and I said: Sweetie, I need your help paying the mortgage and utilities. And by the way, my friends Pete and Jessica are moving into our spare rooms.” — Chris Naugle [0:05:52]

“After I lost everything in 2014, I was led to a three-day real estate event teaching people how to flip house. But I didn’t go to learn how to flip houses. I went because they were giving away an iPod Shuffle.” — Chris Naugle [0:07:28]

“The only thing you have to change in your life is where your money goes first.” — Chris Naugle [0:12:01]

“Money has to be in motion, but we have never been taught this.” — Chris Naugle [0:30:24]

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