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Ep 105: D is for Diversify with Mark Khuri

Whether you’re a real estate veteran or a novice looking to get skin in the game, diversifying can be a challenging task. Today, we speak with Mark Khuri, a property expert who has experienced the highs and lows of real estate, having made it through the housing crisis of 2008/09 to create the success he has today. We open our conversation by taking a look at Mark’s professional history in corporate finance, his transition into retail distribution, and his ultimate move into real estate. Humbly, Mark talks about his early days in the business, touching on hard lessons learned and how he needed to move with the ebbs and flows of real estate if he wanted to do well. We hear about how Mark adapted with the times, gradually stepping away from single-family and toward the commercial space. He goes on to share valuable tips and tricks drawn from his experiences. Stay tuned and you’ll learn about cultivating business relationships, due diligence, credibility, and pre-qualifications. Toward the end of the episode, we dive into Mark’s own business process, his dos and don’ts, and his real estate advice for the current climate. For all this and much more, tune in with us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest Mark Khuri of SMK Capital Management LLC.

  • Hear about Mark’s professional history in corporate America.

  • Some of the hard lessons Mark learned in real estate pre-recession.

  • How Mark and his brother created a real estate investment company.

  • Adapting your gameplan when the market shifts beneath you.

  • Hear how Mark cultivates business relationships.

  • The ways Mark started to diversify his portfolio.

  • How evolving with the market has been an important part of Mark’s success.

  • What you should look out for when teaming up with highly experienced operating partners.

  • Understanding the pros and cons of various asset classes.

  • Which asset classes have thrived or suffered through the pandemic.

  • The best ways you can approach comps.

  • How Mark and his partners are preparing for the future.

  • Why knowing the local market is the best weapon in your arsenal.


“I partnered with my brother and bought a four-unit in Hollywood. It was 75% vacant when we bought it, needed a ton of work and we overpaid. But we learned all our hard lessons that way.” — Mark Khuri [0:04:20]

“We decided to grow our company by partnering up with other people that knew us, trusted us, and appreciated our integrity. And that’s how we became a real estate investment company.” — Mark Khuri [0:05:05]

“The most important part of business is the people. So when a referral comes from somebody that I trust, I take it seriously. And that’s how I got introduced to mobile home investing.” — Mark Khuri [0:09:32]

“Lean on experts. We are lucky that we are in an industry that has been around long enough and is filled with a lot of experts.” — Mark Khuri [0:28:55]

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