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Ep 100: Choosing Real Estate for Your Investment Portfolio with Ryan Daigle

One of the biggest questions for anyone building their investment portfolio is whether to invest in real estate, stocks, or equity. Today’s guest, Ryan Daigle, makes a strong case for real estate. Ryan is a real estate investor and Principal at Flywheel Equity, which invests in commercial multifamily properties by partnering with high-net-worth individuals seeking diversification from their stock-based portfolios. Flywheel sources, vets, closes on and manages value-add apartment properties in the Carolina metros for its investors, who receive distributions from the cash flow provided by the rent activity while also participating in the equity upside created by the rehab and repositioning of the property. In this episode, Ryan explains why he shifted from his role as chief technology officer to commercial multifamily real estate investor, and why he advocates for real estate as a resilient investment, as well as the important distinction between cash flow and high net worth. He also describes the many different ways to address financial portfolios, the benefits of having no-hassle investments, and how the flexibility of real estate makes it very attractive to investors. Finally, Ryan shares a bit more about his personal experience and goals, his hopes to create completely sustainable cash flow, and why he wants to have the knowledge to do every task in his business. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ryan introduces himself and shares a bit about his real estate journey to date.

  • Why Ryan shifted from chief technology officer to commercial multifamily real estate investor.

  • The case for choosing real estate as an investment overstocks.

  • Ryan explains why he chose real estate over startups: reliability, consistency, and stability.

  • The importance of understanding that cash flow is the real end goal and not high net worth.

  • Ryan describes cash-on-cash return, bottom line cash flow, return on equity, and the many different ways to address financial portfolios.

  • Vanity and simplicity are always the intentions – the value of having no-hassle investments.

  • Flexibility makes real estate attractive to investors while the stock market offers growth and appreciation, real estate offers options.

  • Transitioning from a full-time job to doing real estate full time – Ryan shares his experience.

  • How Ryan created space for himself to discover his passion and grow his passive income.

  • Ryan’s future goals are to establish sustainable cash flow, continue to grow Flywheel Equity as a business, and create more flexibility.

  • Ryan wants to know he can do every task or role himself, from acquisitions to management.

  • From CEO to low-level consultant, everybody needs to be held and hold others accountable.

  • One thing that Ryan has brought with him from his time in tech is the value of transparency.

  • Ryan directs investors wanting to invest in real estate to the resources on his website.


“The whole point is to be able to live in a way that is comfortable for you, to have freedoms, both in time and lifestyle. That is not about net worth, that is about your cash flow. Really understanding that cash flow is the end goal and not net worth [is very important].” — @rwdaigle [0:11:34]

“Going out on [my] own to be an operator in multifamily, it was like starting a company again. I had started small software consultancies in the past and had been an independent consultant myself, so I had that entrepreneurial streak and comfort with stepping out on [my] own. I discovered that I really enjoyed that process, starting a company again, of figuring out what it takes to build this thing, and to be responsible for my own income.” — @rwdaigle [0:30:16]

“I want to know that, every task, every role is something that I at least have enough knowledge that I could do it myself. From tip to tail, from acquisitions, investor relations, financing, closing, managing property managers, to operations, asset management, and financial reconciliation, I’m doing all of that now because my portfolio is small enough because I’m in a stage where I want to gain that experience so that when I do hire somebody I can hold them accountable.” — @rwdaigle [0:42:13]

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